IOS Telecom

Operator Service Frequently Asked Questions

What is an operator assisted call?
A phone call placed with the assistance of a live or automated operator charged collect, third party, calling card, or credit card. Operator assisted calls are substantially more expensive than a direct dialed phone call.

Why am I being charge by ILD?
ILD is the billing company contracted to place the calls on to the local phone bill.

Why are the rates so high?
Operator assisted calls are substantially more expensive to process than a direct dialed phone call for many reasons which include having a live operator assist with the call, billing through the local phone company who charges very high rates to bill and collect these calls, high bad debt, high network access costs in to the call center, and Higher surcharge fees and PIFs that must be paid to the payphone owner, hotel, hospital or prison. All our rates are tariffed and in compliance with each state PUC and the FCC.

Why does my operator service charge state I was calling from a different location?
Telephone calls are often routed through multiple switches across many networks. There are times when a network access number is used and this phone number may occasionally appear as the called from number on some charges.

What is a non-subscriber fee (NSF)?
A non-subscriber fee is the network access fee charged to customers who are not IOS Telecom long distance customers. NSF charges are tariffed with each state PUC and the FCC.

What is a carrier administration fee or universal service fund?
Under the direction of the FCC, the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) administers the federal USF, which is a tax designed to pay for discounted telecommunications service rates for schools, libraries and rural healthcare facilities and to keep local exchange rates at reasonable levels in “high-cost” rural areas. The federal USF tax is applied to all interstate and international telephone charges. We have no control over the level of USF taxes that are assessed to us by the FCC through USAC, and we flow those taxes directly through to our customers.

Why haven’t I received my credit or rate adjustment?
Our customers service department issues all charge adjustments immediately, however we have no control on when they will appear on your bill. Credit card adjustments take from six to ten business days to appear on your bill. LEC (phone company charge) adjustments take from 90 to 120 days to appear on your bill.

How can I remove pre-authorization charges with my debit card?
Credit card issuers place a temporary hold on funds before making the telephone call. These funds are used to cover the cost of the anticipated charge. If the call is not completed the hold is automatically removed by the issuing bank at their discretion. We do not have any control over the removal or restoration of these funds.

Why does my credit card statement have Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida in the charge description?
The ILD Telecom corporate office is located in Florida. Even though the call may have originated anywhere in the world, the billing entity is located in Florida, USA. The telephone number in the charge description is for our billing inquiry department.

Who can I call with billing questions?
Call our billing inquiry department at 1-800-637-4009 M-F from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.