IOS Telecom

International Operator Services (IOS) for the Hospitality Industry

IOS Telecom is dedicated to serving the worldwide hospitality industry as a single source provider of telecommunication services.
  • Discount Long Distance
  • Domestic and International Toll Free
  • International Operator Services
  • Internet
  • Prepaid Calling Cards
  • Lobby and Public Card Swipe Payphones

As we move forward to a new era of high technology communications, you can count on IOS Telecom to keep you up to speed now and into the future. We understand the unique and changing telecommunications needs of the hospitality industry and today's guest. Our goal is to create a unique balance between telephone profits for your hotel and quality reliable phone service to your guests' satisfaction.

Remember, your guests will always need calling assistance whether it be help making a collect call to their credit card company or a family member back home. Language can also be a challenge for many tourists and travelers. Let our 24/7 live call center assist your guests and reduce the call volume to your PBX operators (Centrlina).

We provide the highest commissions, most reliable reports, and all at the lowest rates to your guests.

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