IOS Telecom

International Operator Services

IOS Telecom specializes in International Operator Services, or Home Country Direct. We take a unique approach to this market which means more revenue share for our PTT, hotel, or payphone partners. It also means better service for end-user customers at lower rates. Most importantly we value our distributor relationships to create a win/win philosophy that ultimately benefits everyone involved

  • IOS Telecom recognizes the unique needs of customers and agents operating in this industry. Beyond professional, courteous, and multi-lingual operators working on a state of the art platform, the following critical functions are absolutely necessary in serving the international OS market:
  • Fraud protection - IOS Telecom uses the most advanced Security Management System database in the billing validation business.
  • Real-time reporting - IOS Telecom offers on-line reporting of call detail reports on call traffic occurring worldwide, every 15 minutes. Detailed or summary information is available at multiple levels including carrier, agent, sub-agent, and property.
  • On-time commissions - Not only on time, but based on honest and reliable call reports. Every International OS call billed by IOS Telecom is reported and paid on each month, without fail.

By combining these critical functions with our long list of program benefits and platform features, IOS Telecom delivers the finest operator service product available in the world.

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