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IOS Telecom Operator Services Products

IOS Telecom understands the unique needs of both the domestic and international operator services markets. We have built call centers in San Luis Obispo, California and Tijuana, Mexico staffed with professional friendly multi-lingual operators. This enables us to route each call to the operator that best meets the customer’s language and service requirements

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  Public/Private Payphones
IOS Telecom provides unique direct dial and operator service programs to keep more coin in the box. Our complete suite of products will help you get the most from every payphone asset in the ground.
  International Operator Services
IOS Telecom recognizes the unique needs of customers and agents operating in this industry. We offer the best, courteous, and multi-lingual operators working on a state-of-the-art-platform.

Home Country Direct

IOS Telecom offers PTTs throughout the world increased revenue opportunities by providing travelers with collect or credit card calling services. Make IOS Telecom your traveler’s lifeline!


Hospitality Operator Services

IOS Telecom is dedicated to serving the Hospitality industry as a single source provider of tele- communication services: providing Long Distance, Toll Free, Operator Service, Internet, and Prepaid.

CLEC, ILEC, IXC, and OS Resale

Serving long distance resellers, CLEC's, UNEP CLEC's, and IXC's all over the country. Our highly skilled operators take your "zero" calls and process them under your own private branding.
Outsourced Customer Service

IOS Telecom treats every customer like a partner. We are committed to the enhancement of your customer service, while reducing your cost of operations. Let our quality 24/7 customer service team help you succeed.
Communications Concierge

Allow your international guests to access live calling assistance from their room, 24/7, and in their own language. Take the calling load off of your PBX operator. Directory Assistance and conference calling is also available to your guest through the operator. Services provided at no cost to the hotel.