IOS Telecom

CLEC, ILEC, IXC, LD Reseller Operator Services

IOS Telecom provides services to long distance resellers, facilities based CLEC’s, UNEP CLEC’s, and IXC’s all over the country. Our highly skilled operators will take your "zero" calls and process them under your own private branding.

Carrier Service Options/Benefits

  • Bundled or Unbundled - We can tailor our service to fit your service needs.
  • Billing Options - LEC calling cards, Collect, 3rd party billing, Person to Person, major credit cards.
  • Private Branding - Your customers hear your name at the beginning and end of every call.
  • 24/7 Service - Your customers will have access to our call center by dialing “0” or “00” at any time of day or night.
  • Customer Service transfer - We will brand the call in your name, and if need be we’ll do a warm call transfer to your customer service center.
  • Help Desk - Our call center acts as a 24/7 help desk. We can write trouble tickets, trouble shoot network problems, and if need be we can escalate service effecting problems to your technical staff.
  • Access - You can access our call center via dedicated trunks, Toll Free numbers, or FGD access nation wide.
  • Low Cost Pricing - Our prices are extremely competitive. We bill on a per-item or per second basis so you only pay for what you use or need.
  • Monthly credit - On top of getting the lowest rates in the industry, we will apply a monthly credit to every invoice for billed calls placed by your customers.

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